Friday, February 22, 2013

How Is It That I Have a Face that Somehow Looks Like Someone You Already Know?

Lately two things have been happening to me. The first is that I either ask a simple question such as, "What are you doing tonight?" or in the case that I don't ask anything at all, somehow I end up getting the person's entire life story annotated for the five minute long conversation. Excuse me, the "conversation" actually turns into a monologue, during which I awkwardly wait until the person finishes speaking to say something groundbreaking like, "Well, that's interesting." I suppose what it is that causes people to do this is that my two places of employment are both customer-service oriented and somehow that translates to me acting a faux-psychologist at times.

The second thing that has been happening to me is that people have told me that I look or act or sound like someone they know. Have I been living a lie my entire life and are now finding out that I'm actually not as unique as I thought that I am? Or is the symmetry of my face just that malleable that I'm the human version of  Play-Doh and people mold me in their minds to look like someone else? Either way, I don't like my options.

So please, if you see me soon, don't give me your life story, or tell me that I remind you of someone. I would like to keep my sanity intact, thanks.

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