Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Catch Up Post...Apologies in Advance

Hey gang.

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Not too long, for all three of my readers, or maybe it's only two now, since it's been some time.

Anyway, here's a quick blurb about my life since my last post.

Stick around, why dontcha?

I saw the Used and Taking Back Sunday. It was a great show. The openers were bands that I'd never heard of prior to the show - Sleepwave and Tonight Alive - but I definitely thought their sounds were fun, and stuff that I probably would listen to now that I've heard them live.

Taking Back Sunday. I definitely felt that I was reliving 2004. In a good way.

The crowd was mixed with kids that were a lot younger than me, which made me feel really old, and people my age, which made me feel better that I wasn't the one oddball in the audience. I was in the pit the entire time, and as I mentioned in a previous post, maybe I just don't get pit culture, but there were some really rude people standing near me. I'm a fan of Taking Back Sunday, though I will admit that I haven't listened to some of their newer stuff, so when they were performing, I wasn't into it 100%, just because I didn't know some of their songs. But the people around were getting crazy, to the point where I wanted to hit them, because well, there's no need to keep elbowing me in the ribs just because Adam Lazzara is standing two feet away. Even with the elbowing going on, I had a good time listening to their set.

But it was when the Used took the stage that the tables turned, because I went crazy.

That's right, bitches. Bert McCracken in the house. 

The last time I saw the Used was around 2008. That was also the first time I saw them, and it was at the first Musink festival, where I saw a few semi-passable and some shitty bands before the Used took the stage. I was with my boyfriend at the time, who didn't really get their music (he told me this point blank) but he knew how much I liked them, so he went with me. Where I essentially ignored him for a good portion of the show, and basically all but forgot he was there.

Quinn Allman
This time it was better, because I was by myself and I could get as crazy over the band as I wanted to. Much to the chagrin of the folks around me, who apparently were bigger TBS fans, and gave me dirty looks when I was screaming the words to "The Taste of Ink." All in all, it was a fantastic show. The band was loud and fast and fun.

I think I might be getting too old for the pit though.

Next time: shenanigans in DC with my two best friends, graduation, details about my new (second) job, and all my querying woes.

And on that note, I am going to sleep. G'night, all!

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