Friday, October 14, 2011

The Essentials in the Bag for the Single Girl's Ride on Public Transportation: Part One

As someone who has frequented public transportation on both coasts, I've decided to compose a list of things that any girl should have in her bag when on the bus or the train.
  • Ear plugs
Now, the reason why I don't say an i-Pod, or any sort of that kind of device, is that you actually don't need the full system. If you have ear plugs in, any sane person is going to assume that it's connected to something in your bag or pocket, and you can pick up a pair for $10 at Target. Of course, having the i-Pod attached will help drown out the insane people that you will encounter on public transportation, so if you can invest in this sort of device, do so.
  • Sunglasses
The bigger, the better. Avoiding eye contact with anyone is crucial. Also, when you're crammed onto the window seat during sunset, you can avoid temporary blindness. 
  • A book
The less obtrusive the book cover, the less likely is it that someone will ask you what the book is about. Avoid Oprah's pick for book of the month, any book that currently is also playing as a feature in the theater, or anything that could potential spark conversation. I've tried with textbooks, and no go. Try covering your book with a paper bag. 
  • A notebook and a pen
You will come in contact with weirdoes, freaks, and crazy people on public transportation. Chances are nine times out of ten you will try to forget these people, but there will be times where you will want to remember these people and the situations that involve them. It makes for great writing.

There we go - the essentials. More to be added at a later date. 

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