Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a New Month!

I received a fortune cookie on September 12th of this year which stated something like, "Remember this date three months from now". Well, three months obviously hasn't rolled by just yet, but until December 12th, I am going to think of this damn cookie and hope that it's not some cruel joke being played on me by the Fates. Shortly after I received this fortune, I managed to get another that said, "Everything will soon come your way." (And at this point, I realized that apparently I eat a lot of Chinese food.) Really, everything? If we're going to take this literally, then "everything" would include a new job, a book deal, and several other items that include my loans being paid off by a mysterious benefactor, a pancreatic transplant, and oh, what the hell, a puppy - why not? Again, hopefully the term "everything" was being used in a positive sense, and not a negative one, because then the apocalypse would be heading my way as well.

I'm not very fond of November. October I enjoy, and December too, of course, but as for November, I've always been indifferent about it. So boo to you, November. Maybe that book deal is right around the corner. 

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