Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Bus Drivers of Southern California

This edition of "SGGTPT" (okay, not the shortest, nor the best acronym ever, but I'm trying) will concern the drivers of the Southern California bus system. In the six month period that I consistently was on the bus in southern California, I took note of three times of bus drivers. 

1. the strong, silent type
Mostly male, these drivers do everything by the book. From the time they take off, to getting riders on and off the bus, a driver of this caliber will be more likely to use the turn signal, not run red lights, and ask that riders get on and off the bus in an orderly manner. Unfortunately, if you have a question, it's more than likely you'll be unable to get an answer. This is because these drivers believe that you should already know which bus you're on, what direction it's headed in, and where you should get off for your next stop. Or in some cases, I believe the driver may have been mute. Thankfully this type of driver will not take bullshit from anyone and will keep, for the most part, the creepy riders off the bus, or at the very least, confined to a particular area of the bus where they can be watched.  

2. the crazy, I'm-only-doing-this-because-I-have-to-driver
This type of driver is the one that you want to avoid as much as possible. A driver like this will never be on time; will take off from the curb so fast that if you're not sitting down, or in a stationary position, both your shoes and your gall bladder will be shot to the back of the bus; and will insist on telling you exactly why they hate their job, their life, etc. If you have this type of driver, good luck, because you might not make it to your final destination, but will know how thanks to sweet potato fries from New Hampshire the driver is now damned to a life of thankless public transportation.

3. the driver that everyone knows his/her name
Much like Cheers, everyone literally will know this driver's name. Riders may actually cheer as this driver approaches the bus. Personable and charismatic, you will want to get this driver for your ride. Always in a good mood (which may make you suspicious - what drugs are they taking, and how can you get ahold of them?), this driver seems to have no worries and is never irritated by anything or anyone. It almost makes riding the bus an enjoyable experience. 

Next time:
The bus drivers of the eastern seaboard

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