Thursday, May 16, 2013

It Appears That I May Hypothetically Be Stuck in the 5 and 1/2 Minute Hallway...Please Help

So for a short amount of time, I am back home in California. It's fabulous and also terrifying at the same time. It's fabulous because I get to see my family and friends and maybe get a tan (Bostonians, don't hate if I come back brown). However, it is also terrifying because I have not written a solitary word since I landed. Not one. Well, not since I finished up my finals (good Lord, I may have misjudged going back to school. Again.) which was two-ish weeks ago.

I've mostly spent countless hours trying to catch up on sleep and mellow out after a very trying semester. And when I say "mellow out," I clearly mean watching eight hours of a Law and Order: SVU marathon - we've all been there. Anyhoo, after getting stuck in the Seattle airport (thank my lucky stars for one of my best friends; I don't know what I would have done without her for duration of that stay. There may have been a disturbing headline in the papers after I left: Crazed Californian Throws Smoothies at Scared Seattle Airport Patrons or the like) and making my way to SoCal, I have thus decided to relax and actually take a vacation until I start my super fantastic editorial internship. (More on that later.)

But...because my brain has apparently decided to revolt, I can't bring myself to write. And I hate feeling like this. I have plenty to work on, and pieces that I'm excited about, but for whatever reason, I can't focus on them. I want to, I really do, and I'm worried that if I don't start working on something, then I'm going to let them sit all summer, and they'll make whimpering sounds like sad, abandoned puppies every time I open my laptop.

 This is what happened the last time I couldn't write. I lost my mind and ran through a bamboo forest. I'm just glad someone was there to capture my madness. 

I mean, maybe I should take a break and let my mind relax. I don't want to fry myself out before I start my internship, which I'm supremely excited about. The internship is exactly what I need in terms of experience, and after this, I may actually start feeling like I have a grasp on what I need to do for my career. Plus, it's going to look great on my resume - always a plus. 

I guess if I need to crazy in the bamboo forest, then I should for a brief moment, and then start typing. Because I am a writer, and if I am not writing, then how can I feel like a writer? (I know someone in a movie put this much more articulately than I just did, but I can remember who it was, or what movie it was in, and Google is no help here.)

Okay, I'll get to writing...after Elliot and Olivia nab this guy, I promise.

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