Monday, March 4, 2013

Various Musings

Once again, I find myself with a project as I sit at the switchboard. Which is not to say that I am not doing my job, but there's always down time in between the inane buzzing of the switchboard and the entire undergrad population asking me where the financial aid office is. (I would think that the location of that particular office might fall under the category of common knowledge, however, one should never assume anything.)

As it may be, I have another hour and a half on my shift, before I return to my second job, where I probably won't have time to write, so write at the switchboard it is.

I'm contemplating getting a second tattoo. Well, not so much contemplating, as already decided and will probably get in the very near future. So near, it might be tomorrow, if the parlor has an opening when I pop down there. Which I hope that they do. The one tattoo I have is about two years old now, and I've been itching for a second one.

Well, we shall see.

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