Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Work of a Digressive Nature

So...I really should be writing my mentorship proposal draft, but lately I've been running on let's-wait-till-the-last-minute clock, and while homework and work and life have still been going, it's that extra drama that has slipped in that I don't particularly enjoy. And yet, I find myself here again, writing, but not writing what I should be writing, and at ten o'clock at night when I should be sleeping, I will be trying to crank out my mentorship proposal and it's going to be CRAP CRAP CRAP. 

Oh well. At least it's a draft. 

Here's the beginning portion: 

Lottie may look like a normal sixteen year old, but if you look closer, she is not normal at all. For most of her sixteen years, Lottie’s fingers glow whenever she meets someone new, and she hears a voice in her head, which she has named Harold. Harold cannot tell Lottie why he has been talking to her for years and years, until Lottie sent by her mother to stay with Lottie’s great-aunt Gertrude over the summer. Gertrude, like Lottie, is hiding secrets. When Lottie begins to discover what more of Gertrude’s secrets are, her world begins to get infinitely more complicated. With the help of Charlie, a boy that has more in common with Lottie than she realizes, it is up to them to save not only their world, but also another world whose entire existence depends on the decisions they make. Can Lottie suspend her fears to travel to this other world and gain control of her power to defeat an evil that threatens both worlds before it’s too late?

Yeah, I know. CRAP. 

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